On January 17th, I left DOJ and joined OceansideRP along with many members of DOJRP. This is where I currently am, and plan to stay for the foreseeable future.

At this point, I was ready to find a stable community that I could stay with for a long period. I was with DOJRP for over a year, at the time I was ready to settle down, and didn't push too hard to move into any sort of staff position. I was part of the Development Department from April 2020 until I left DOJ in January of 2021. There were many reasons for leaving, however the primary reason was poor leadership and corruption.

I joined NewAge around April as a member, and eventually worked with the leadership in building their CAD/MDT/Portal system from scratch using languages like PHP, JS, and SQL. This was fully integrated into ESX, and used hundreds of times per day by the membership of NARP. This was used during the entire lifespan of NARP.

2018 was a crazy year for me (Mostly IRL, for many reasons). After departing ACDC, I went on to make my own community. That was up for a few months, and was fairly sucessful. I was also part of Darkshield for a short period, assisting as an Administrator. Darkshield was founded by the same people as ACDC, once ACDC was shut down. Somewhere near the end of 2018, early 2019, I was part of New Andreas RP (a friends server), which unoficially merged into New Age RP. I don't have much of a record of the exact dates in 2018, nor do I remember much of it.

ACDCRP was the first FiveM community I was part of, while in ACDC I was able to assist in the Dispatch department, as well as the development department. I was the sole developer of the CAD/MDT system, which was used throughout ACDCRP, DarkShield, and a small period of Aspirant. This CAD was used for just over a year and a half.

I was eventually promoted to Dispatch Director, and assisted as an Administrator until my departure from ACDCRP in January.